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Security Advice from The Lock Whisperer

Thieves are attracted to garden sheds because they contain many everyday, unmarked items that are easy
to sell, and they’re often left unlocked or unsecured. Making your home as difficult to get into as possible will help deter criminals, and that starts with your boundaries.

Sheds, Gardens and Boundries
  • Ensure your insurance covers theft from sheds and gardens.
  • For garages with metal ‘up and over’ doors, purpose made locks can be fitted to either side, about 300mm up from the floor, to reduce leverage, Call The Lock Whisperer on 01483 724545.
  • Wooden garage double doors can be secured with two substantial hasps and staples and closed shackle padlocks.
  • An external floor mounted, solid steel locking ‘T’ bar with a closed shackle padlock, will offer a good
    visual deterrent and make it more difficult to open the door.
  • Garage side and rear doors can be secured with BS3621 5-lever mortice locks and two internal mortice rack bolts, one near the top and one near the bottom. Fit trellis on top of back garden fences. Fit two good quality locks on the inside of gates.
  • Wooden gates can be secured with two hasps and staples and two closed shackle padlocks near the top and the bottom, to prevent leverage.
  • Rear and side boundaries should be between 1.8 and 2 metres high. Planting dense or spiky climbing plants acts as an additional deterrent.
  • Be aware that using barbed wire, carpet gripper or broken glass on top of walls or fences could
    cause injury which the occupier could be liable for.
  • Make sure your front wall is no more than 1 metre high, so a burglar could be seen from the street.
  • Make your side and driveway gates the same height as the boundaries around them.
  • Metal side and driveway gates are good because they allow intruders to be seen. Add extra security with an anti-climb top.
  • Gravel driveways and paths make a silent approach difficult.
  • Store wheelie bins or other potential climbing aids behind locked gates, so burglars can’t climb up on them.
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