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Security Advice from The Lock Whisperer

Marking or Etching Your Property

Marking or etching your postcode and house number on items that are particularly valuable is a good deterrent to thieves because they know these items are more easily traced by the police, and it reduces their ability to sell these items on.

Property Marking

Marking your property can make it difficult for thieves to sell it on – and help you recover anything that does get stolen. The Police can talk you through the best way to mark specific items – whether that’s indelible pen or with one of the proprietary chemically-coded systems now available. The Secured by Design scheme recommends property marking products at

There are numerous ways of property marking your possessions, some more permanent than others. You can use UV or indelible pens, postcode etching or chemically coded systems. By visibly marking your property with your postcode and house number (or flat letter) or the first three letters of a house name, and illustrating this fact to thieves (using window stickers), you reduce the risk of burglary by removing the benefit.

Additionally, if marked your property can be traced, identified and returned to you. Items with a unique serial number can be registered for free at – the UK National Property Register. Registration increases the chance of having your property returned. In fact, over 900 people every month are contacted about recovered items.

You should also think about photographing highly valuable items such as jewellery, paintings or antiques. For the best results:

  • Use a non-reflective background.
  • Put a ruler next to the item to provide a sense of scale.
  • Make sure there is enough light.
  • Make sure the object is in focus.
  • Keep the pictures in a safe place.
  • Think about giving a second copy of the pictures to a trusted friend or relative.
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