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The Lock Whisperer

Trusted local locksmith for Woking and surrounding areas of Surrey
Colin Baxter, The Lock Whisperer
Rapid response to locksmith emergencies 24 hours a day

Hi my name is Colin Baxter and I am the Lock Whisperer I am here to offer you advice and of course offer my services as a locksmith. We are a small local business so we pride our selves on a high standard of work at competitive rates rather that a large company covering many overheads doing an ok job.

I have always had a fascination with locks, the time and the thought that has gone into creating a lock, a lock that is designed to protect you and your loved ones and your personal belongings, what a great invention!

I get very frustrated with car thieves and burglars. I have always worked hard for the things in life and to think someone can just pop round when I’m asleep or out at work is very frustrating.

The other side of the lock is if it’s been designed not to be opened unless you have the key, well this is a personal challenge to see if I can open it without the key, find it’s flaws and it’s weak spots. I use this knowledge to improve the object it was protecting or keeping locked, this principle can be used on a property etc. This knowledge can then be used to now fight crime and educate my customers in how to step up their security making them feel safer and protecting their belongings.

Crime wrecks lives and it’s a great feeling to think I could help prevent some of what is a rapidly increasing problem.

When I am called out to a Lock Out, I get so much satisfaction helping people get back to normal, the relief when the customer is back in their home and back to normal.

When attending a break in, it can be very disturbing and quite upsetting to see that there is so much emotional damage done rather than the items that have been stolen. To get these people back to normal and be more aware of the security risks. My simple advise can make so much difference.

I think it is very important to get the right advice out there now, rather than when it’s to late or when I think I might be onto an order. It has taken me many hours to collate the security section so please take ten minutes to go through it and most importantly put it into practice.

I am a locksmith, I offer a service and I give the advice for free on my website because we have to make a stand against crime.

Of course a lot of my advice you may already be aware of and a large part is common sense, but how many of you simply hand your keys to the nice friendly chap in the car park to clean your car or service your car along with a letter with a name and address left in the door pocket, this has now just invalidated all your home security!

A high security key can prevent them taking an impression of getting another key cut or just simply take off your car key from the rest.

It would take me 3 seconds to make an impression of your key with a small block of plastacine, and a further 10 mins to file down a key blank by hand.

Feel free to print off my advice pages and put them to use and if you need any help, then just call me,

A word of advice to all burglars’ and car thieves:

Get a job and buy it yourself, You’ll feel much better for it!

I have been picking locks for many years as a hobby and have come from an engineering background, so the fascination of taking something apart to see how it works or to see if it could be improved has always been there since I was a child.

I have also been trained by one of the best locksmiths in the country with more than 25 years experience lock picking & 22 years teaching, Chris Economides from the Matrix School of Locksmiths.

I also still practice in my spare time and I am always looking to learn new techniques and methods.

I have many testimonials, pass certificates and I have also been police checked and security checked. All this information can be provided and checked on request.

I take a lot of pride in my work and services. I always offer competitive rates backed up with a high standard of quality and customer service.

So don’t delay, Pop my number in your phone today!

The Lock Whisperer
Colin Baxter
01483 724545
07973 934001