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Security Advice from The Lock Whisperer

Flats and Apartments

If your flat is on the second floor or above, you need to balance security with fire safety. That means you shouldn’t fit your front door with a lock that needs a key to open it from the inside. Choose one that complies with BS 5588/BS 3621, allowing you to release the lock and leave the flat with a single action. Add a letterbox cowl if required to prevent thieves tampering with the lock from outside.

Communal Doors:

Care has to be taken when securing communal doors as the ability to escape in case of fire is vital. You should always be able to open the communal door (from inside) using a single keyless action. If you fit an automatic door closer, it should be of a good quality. Poor quality closers can fail to engage the lock. For advice on glass doors, letterbox cowls and door viewers, please refer to advice on doors and windows. Locking mechanisms vary, depending on access control and door type. Seek advice from your local police. New doors should be Secured by Design standard and have laminated glass (if fitted).

And if it happens....

Remember that if you have been unfortunate enough to have been burgled, the statistics show that your risk of being burgled again is much higher. So you will need to use the advice I have provided to upgrade your defences and not merely put things back the way they were before the burglary.

There are now a number of high security locks available on the market for all types of locks:

Mortice locks:

The best mortice locks are either 5 lever or 6 lever mortice locks. Ideally, mortice locks should be fitted to BS3621, the minimum requirement for your household insurance policy. There are a number of mortice locks that offer even higher protection with the addition of a high tempered steel anti-drill hardplate making entry to these types of locks very difficult.

Night latch cylinder locks:

Commonly known as 'Yale' locks - we recommend a minimum of 6 pin rim cylinder locks which offer a higher level of security to your door rather than a standard 5 pin and tumbler rim cylinder. We would also strongly suggest fitting an anti-slip Yale to prevent the credit card trick (as seen on James Bond films!).

UPVC door locks:

Commonly known as Euro (or European) cylinder locks - there are many different types of Euro profile cylinder locks, ranging from the run of the mill to the top end high security anti-bump, anti-snap, anti-drill, and anti-pick cylinder locks. There are many brands, to name a few, Cisa, Asec, Garrison (Mul-T-Lock), Yale, Cobian, Legge, Fuhr, Mila, Sterling and UAP. All of which offer excellent protection from the common thief. UPVC doors are only as secure as the lock fitted. A cheap lock will make bypassing the locking points on a UPVC door VERY easy so don't settle for second best fit a good anti-snap lock at bear minimum (sometimes referred to as break-safe locks) For added protection we strongly suggest fitting sash jammers to UPVC doors as well for added protection.

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